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"The Maze Runner" Book Blog #3

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Things have gotten really intense in this book! Thomas still does not remember anything, but a girl showed up! Her name is Teresa. She and Thomas have a past that neither one of them can remember. She is in a coma for quite a long time, but finally wakes up and can only remember remembering Thomas. She can speak to him telepathically, but they have not explained why yet. She tells Thomas while in a coma that she “accidentally triggered the ending”. He does not know what that means, and does not tell anybody about her being able to speak to him with telepathy. He just puts it out of his mind until the next day, but what he does not know is what lies in wait for him in the morning. When Thomas awakens, the sky is completely grey. The sun is gone, but there is still light somehow. The Gladers can still see everything clearly. His best friend, Chuck, says that it looks kind of like a ceiling. Thomas then starts wondering if maybe they are trapped in a room that looks like they are stuck in a maze. Later that evening, the walls do not close as they usually do, to keep the Grievers out of their living space. This worries all of the Gladers, because something like this has never happened in the 2 years that they have been there. Everybody is blaming Thomas and Teresa for what is occurring. The Gladers’ leader, Alby, even locks Teresa up in their  jail for a full night, the same night that the doors do not close and the Grievers break in. Thomas is frightened, along with all of the other Gladers. The sky has not changed, still the exact same grey it was in the morning. The maps that the Runners have spent 2 years creating, get burned in the hut they reside in. One of the Gladers certainly does not want to leave. When the Grievers’ noises come closer to the Glade, the Gladers hide in the biggest hut they have, boarding up windows and cracks that might give them away. They make sure there is no light coming from the hut. The Grievers are not very smart, and they have been programmed to only take 1 person every night. Before the “Ending” was triggered, they were not programmed that way. They were programmed to stab or kill any Gladers that were stuck in the maze at night, or if they ran into a Griever during the daylight. Teresa and Thomas have to find a way to keep everyone safe, or soon people will be taken one by one. One person would be taken each night, and Gally, a bully who did not like Thomas from the very beginning, was the first to go.