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Rachel Pennington

"The Maze Runner" Book Blog #2

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

I am still reading The Maze Runner, and I like it very much. I know more about what is going on and why Thomas is stuck in the Glade. I have almost finished this book, and cannot wait to move onto the second one. The movie came out exactly a week ago, and I liked it a lot! It is not the same as the book in a lot of ways, in my opinion, not as stressful. The Grievers do not look like I imagined them to look, and some of the characters do not look as I had pictured, but other than that and a few changes made in the story line, it is a very good movie. I recommend watching the movie before reading the book if it bothers you when things are not exactly as they should be, because in my experience, you remember what is supposed to happen and if it is not the same better than when you watch the movie first before reading the book. It might be different for others, but that is how I like to see movies and read the books. I was about ⅓ of the way through the book when I went to see the movie, which was a bad idea, I think. I was not sure if some of the things that happened were supposed to happen that way, so I ended up asking my mother a lot of questions while we were in the movie theater, which, of course, annoyed her.