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"The Dream Thieves" Book Blog #4

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

The Gray Man is a hit man, who wears only gray, and was instructed to find the Greywaren, an item that can steal items from dreams and carry them out to the real world. He raids Monmouth Manufacturing, Gansey's home where Ronan stays, and discovers nothing that he needs for his search. His employer, Greenmantle, calls him, at minimum, once a week, to catch up on the Gray Man's progress. The Gray Man realizes that the Greywaren has something to do with Ronan Lynch's family, and follows him around. He sees Ronan with Kavinsky and sees them drag items out of their dreams. Having expected the Greywaren to be a box, the Gray Man is confused. The Greywaren, in fact, is not an item, but a boy. A human. Ronan Lynch is Gansey's best friend, while Gansey is Blue's true love, and Maura is Blue's mother, whom the Gray Man has fallen in love with. Everybody is connected, and he doesn't want to hurt Maura or her family. The Gray Man decides to lie to Greenmantle and tell him that the Greywaren isn't in Henrietta, but Greenmantle doesn't believe him. Greenmantle does research on the Gray Man, and finds out that the Gray Man's true name is Dean Allen. Greenmantle informs the Gray Man of his knowledge, and tells the Gray Man: "I want the Greywaren by the 4th of July, or I will send your brother to fetch you." The Gray Man knows his own brother well, and realizes that this is a dangerous game to play. He must run away from Henrietta, and leave everyone behind, including Maura, his love, and the Greywaren, Ronan Lynch...