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"The Dream Thieves" Book Blog #3

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

Adam runs away from the retreat with Gansey's family. He's been having visions of dead people walking around and reaching out to him, begging for help. This seems to be a result of Adam's sacrificing himself to Cabeswater and the Henrietta ley lines. Adam travels 15 miles away from the Gansey's house and only later remembers Gansey's number. When Gansey picks up the phone, he is relieved, distressed, and angry. What was Adam doing wandering on his own 15 miles away?! Gansey and his family go to pick up Adam, and the entire ride home, Adam is silent. When they arrive at the house, Adam apologizes for any inconveniences he's caused, and goes up to the room he's staying in. Gansey wants to know what Adam was doing, so he goes up to speak with him. Adam and Gansey argue, and Gansey gets hurt by how selfish Adam acts. When Gansey and Adam arrive back in Henrietta, Adam goes to see Blue, who finally tells him that he's not the one she's meant to be with. Adam is broken, and goes on his own to Cabeswater. He is Cabeswater's source of transportation and communication. Adam goes to where Cabeswater would normally be, which has long disappeared from all of Kavinsky's dream-thieving, and feels the immense loss of energy there. Adam describes this loss of energy as "frayed wires". Meanwhile, as Adam is out exploring Cabeswater's remnants and trying to fix it, Blue calls Gansey and asks him to take her somewhere, anywhere but where she is. He picks her up, and they drive until it's dark outside. Gansey realizes how attracted he is to Blue and wishes he could kiss her, but knows he can't, for she has been told that if she kisses her true love, he'll die. Although Gansey still doesn't know he's the one she's meant to kill with a kiss.