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"The Dream Thieves" Book Blog #2

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

Joseph Kavinsky, a long-known enemy of Gansey and his friends, knows how to take items from his dreams; a talent that he and Ronan have in common. Kavinsky uses up more of the power of Cabeswater and the ley lines with every item he takes from his dreams, and Ronan realizes he needs to stop him, once Kavinsky trains him how to perfect the skill. Kavinsky tells Ronan he needs to be a thief, to sneak into the dream world, take what he wants, and sneak back out. Ronan originally needed Kavinsky's help with learning how to take specific and intended things from his dreams because he wrecked Gansey's Camaro, and Ronan needs to get one exactly like it from his dreams. Although Kavinsky was extremely helpful in training Ronan and helping him figure this problem out, he still intends for Ronan to become his partner in crime and create a dream world. The ley lines are slowly being drained of power and Ronan thinks he might have an idea of how to fix it, but he'll have to converse with his dead father to do it...