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"The Raven Boys" Book Blog #1

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

Blue Sargent is a daughter of a psychic, Maura Sargent. Everyone in family is a psychic. Unfortunately, she was not born with the same talent. Instead, she just enhances her family members' abilities whenever she's around them. Her mother's two best friends, Calla & Persephone, are also psychic. Neeve, Blue's half aunt, is also visiting and living in their house. Currently, they have approximately 342 people living in their house with them, but only a few of the family are mentioned in the book. Maura, Calla, & Persephone have foreseen that Blue will kill her true love with a kiss. When Blue turns 16, she meets him. His name is Gansey. Richard Gansey III. Gansey and his 3 friends, Ronan, Adam, & Noah, all go to Aglionby High School, in other words, the rich kid school. Gansey has a good family, they all love him and he is very loved by all of his friends. He's mysterious, and will always shoot for what he wants most and will not give up until he has it. Ronan is straight-forward about everything he says and will always say exactly what he feels, unless he's sad or hurt somehow. His father was murdered by a secret and he knows what the secret was. Noah is extremely quiet and always speaks in riddles. He'll never explain exactly what he means and will just smile wickedly when he's guessed the truth about someone without any clues or hints. Adam is poor, the only poor one of their group, and wears hand-me-down clothing to school. His father is an abusive drunk and he is crazy for Blue. Unfortunately, Blue already knows that Gansey is her true love and will end up dead because of her, because she's seen his dead spirit from 12 months in the future...